Automation Airmanship: Nine Principles for Operating Glass Cockpit Aircraft

Automation Airmanship: Nine Principles for Operating Glass Cockpit Aircraft by S. Ryan Swah, Christopher Lutat

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Achieve excellence on the automated flight deck!

The first practical guide that shows professional pilots how to safely transition to the automated flight deck

Today's remarkable aircraft require remarkable airmanship skills. Automation Airmanship is a breakthrough book that helps pilots master these skills by introducing Nine Principles for Operating Glass Cockpit Aircraft. The nine principles were derived from over a decade of fi eldwork with organizations worldwide that have successfully transitioned to advanced aircraft fleets. Each principle provides a building block for a simplifi ed, straightforward, and disciplined approach to operating increasingly complex aircraft safely and effectively in demanding operational environments.

Written by experienced airline captains who have trained others through the glass cockpit transition, this book presents ideas useful to both veteran glass cockpit pilots and those new to the twenty-first century flight deck. More than a simple list of skills, this powerful resource draws on real-life examples, providing the roadmap you need to successfully transition from steam to glass--and maintain a performance edge for your entire career.


In-flight experience of experts

Success stories and lessons learned from across the industry

Real-world accident investigations to underscore the importance of these principles

Powerful tools to avoid errors or to resolve them when issues arise

A guide to fundamentals of automated flight deck architecture

Principles and practices for all phases of flight operations
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2013

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