Babe Pig In The City - Cassette

Babe Pig In The City - Cassette by Dick King-Smith
Date Released
103 x 130mm

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1 cassette
Ready by Mia Dillion

This is a tale about an unprejudiced heart. A tale about Babe, the sweet little pig who became the hero of the national Sheep Dog Championships and captivated the world with his kindness and courage. And who, along with all his friends from Hoggett's Farm, taught us that friendship is important and a pure heart always prevails.

The little pig that went a long way is back . . . and now there's no stopping Babe as he returns in the long awaited sequel. 'Babe, Pig In The City' is a heart-warming adventure. In order to save the Hoggett's farm, Babe and Mrs Hoggett journey to a far away storybook city, and in this magical metropolis the singing mice, Ferdinand the Duck and a new assortment of animal friends help out as Babe demonstrates once again how courage and determination can triumph even in difficult circumstances, and learns how a kind and steady heart can mend a sorry world.
Publication Date:
05 / 03 / 1999
103 x 130mm

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