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    By: Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn

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    How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk.

    Here is a remarkably simple yet fascinating way to improve communication, interaction and the sharing of worlds before babies can talk.

    Have you noticed how easily babies learn to wave "bye-bye", shake their heads for "no and nod for "yes"? These are the most simple forms of Baby Signs which enable babies to communicate effectively before they are able to say a word. Unfortunately most parents never realise their baby's potential for learning other gestures. In this book, the authors provide parents with a fun and simple programme to enable them to do so.

    The authors have spent more than a decade researching and studying the effects of Baby Signs on infant communication and the results have been overwhelming. Not only do parents gain a much greater understanding of their children and their needs but babies develop skills that enrich their comprehension of language.

    'Baby Signs' includes easy-to-follow illustrated signs and photographs as well as popular nursery rhymes and stories, allowing infants to reach out and forge bonds of affection and satisfaction that will last a lifetime.

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