Bad Boys by John Kerr

John Kerr
01 / 11 / 2011
140 x 205mm

3 books in one volume they include: Outlaw Bikers, Cop Killers and Bent Cops.

Outlaw Bikers: A rebel yell moves his spirit, and his wildness needs expression within a brotherhood. Criminals who ride bikes have made and sold drugs, and been part of that violent trade. Brotherhoods clash, and when they do, people can wind up maimed, dead or doing time.

Cop Killers: Six cops killed in the five stories here were: blocking a road, following up a domestic threat to kill, investigating suspicions of intent to steal, checking a suspect vehicle report, off duty, and doing court duty when they met fatal violence. Their killers were impelled to kill by: a mental crisis perhaps aided by substance abuse, by a wish to avoid arrest and thus do more prison time, revenge on an entire force, obsession, and hatred of all police.

Bent Cops: Some law enforcement officers have bent, broken and abused the law. They do it for gain, convictions, career, power, mates, sex and favours; out of fear of exposure; out of frustration with the evidence available; in conformity with others; or because they felt there was no other way.

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