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    By: Ben Goldacre

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    He finds a $600 billion industry in which more is spent on marketing than on research and development. In which the results of clinical trials of new drugs are massaged, distorted or suppressed. In which regulators fail to regulate. In which new diseases are invented in order to swell profits. In which doctors are kept in the dark about which drugs are the best for their patients, when that information could easily be made freely available. In which patients' pressure groups are covertly sponsored by pill manufacturers. In which authoritative-looking journals can in fact be nothing more than disguised advertising brochures. In which papers, supposedly by respected academics, are actually ghostwritten by drugs companies. To say nothing of outright fraud.

    Ben Goldacre is perhaps Britain's finest and most clear-sighted writer on medical matters today. In BAD PHARMA he is at his savage, indignant, yet unfailingly entertaining best.

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