Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe: The New Rules For Finding Love

Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe: The New Rules For Finding Love by Lisa B
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Lisa B
Date Released
152 x 229mm
Out Of Print

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Are you searching for your Mr Right?

This book is guanteed to be different to any other dating and relationship book on the market. You will learn real practical tips and tricks to help you attract the man you want to keep.

Between these covers, you will learn the NEW rules of love.

You will discover how to tap into your irresistible, adventurous side to attract a strong, loving man who adores you.

• Do you believe all the good men are taken?
• Are you totally confused as to what men really want?
• Are you with man you love, but you're not in love with him?
• Do you always end up wearing the pants in a relationship?
• Are you dying to find a man who will take the lead for once?
• Do you long to have children but you haven't found your Mr Right?
• Do you doubt you will ever find a man who can appreciate your strengths?
• Do friends already in relationships say - 'I can't believe you are still single.'
• Do you feel like you HAVE to be with a man in order to feel happy?
• If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this book is for you.

Let's talk about dating, relationships and love.

By mastering and balancing your masculine and feminine energy you will learn how to:

? Become a woman who attracts quality men
? Choose the right man for you
? Create excitement and chemistry in your relationship
? Reignite the spark in your relationship
? Know when it's time to leave a relationship

If you are contemplating leaving your relationship or considering going through a divorce, read this book first! There are things you need to know before hand, there are things you need to know moving forward. There are things you need to know about you and him.

Divorce can leave you upset and it can leave you depleted of your self confidence - This is the book you need. You will learn how to reclaim YOU again. You will learn some of the mistakes you may have made and why you may have made them.

Learn how balancing masculine and feminine energy changes EVERYTHING!
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2016
152 x 229mm

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