Basic Metrology for ISO 9000 Certification

Basic Metrology for ISO 9000 Certification by G. M. S. de Silva

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Traceable calibration of test and measurement equipment is a requirement of the ISO 9000 series of standards. Basic Metrology for ISO 9000 Certification provides essential information for the growing number of firms registered for ISO 9000.Dr. G.M.S. de Silva who has a lifetime of experience in metrology and quality management fields condenses that knowledge in this valuable and practical workbook. The book provides a basic understanding of the principles of measurement and calibration of measuring instruments falling into the following fields; Length,Angle, Mass, Pressure, Force, Temperature and AC/DC Electrical quantities. Basic concepts and definitions, ISO 9001 requirements and uncertainty determinations are also included.Includes worked examples in the text and solutions to problems which can be compared to real life situations.Includes basic metrology principles and data that will be useful to test and calibration personnel in their day to day work.Contains features of the metrology management structure which an organisation needs to set up in order to satisfy ISO 9000 criteria.
Publication Date:
05 / 03 / 2002

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