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    Patrick McLanahan is back. The USAF veteran has been sent to a B-1B Lancer unit in Nevada to train a new tactical strike unit. There, he has his pick of the most aggressive personalities in the flying game, though it may take years to pull this bunch of mavericks together to fight as a team.

    Then time runs out when the fragile peace in Asia is shattered. What was supposed to be a joint US-Japan-South Korea mock bombing raid turns lethal as South Korean fighter-bombers abandon the script and streak north to attack key North Korean centres in support of a massive people's revolt against the Communist regime. To the world's surprise, the raids are a complete success. The North Korean military surrenders, the borders are thrown wide open and the United Republic of Korea is born.

    But with its thousands of captured warheads, United Korea is also the world's newest nuclear power, and it is ready to defy the USA and even attack China to preserve its sovereignty. Thus begins a violent conflict that threatens to embroil all of Asia. Enter McLanahan's raw but audacious team, sent into the fray both to protect United Korea and to stop it . . .

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