Battle Castles: 500 Years of Knights and Siege Warfare

Battle Castles: 500 Years of Knights and Siege Warfare by Dan Snow
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Dan Snow
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246 x 189mm
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Six programmes, six castles. The book will have a chapter on each castle detailing the specifics of the castle in question, its history and an account of how it was built and the battles it faced. The book will include cutting edge CGI used in the television series.
1. Dover Castle - begun by Henry II, continued by Richard I and completed by King John, Dover Castle was the first to be built in Western Europe with concentric fortifications. In 1216, it earned its nickname as 'the Key to England' when the Dauphin of France was halted in his attempt to seize the throne at its walls.
2. Chateau Gaillard - Richard I's 'saucy' castle. Built at vast expense it was thought to be impregnable till it was defeated by one soldier climbing through a latrine shaft to open a set of gates from within.
3. Castillo de Gibralfaro, Malaga: A Moorish castle vital to Islamic survival in mainland Europe. Defeated by King Ferdinand of Aragon in 1487 to end the Islamic kingdom of Al Andaluz forever.
4. Malbork Castle, Poland: A Teutonic castle on the banks of the Vistula - a fortress, palace and monastery - charged with aiding the seafaring aspect of pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The near annihilation of the castle in 1410 brought the era of Teutonic Knights to a close.
5. Edward I's Welsh Castles of Conwy, Harlech, Caenarfon, Beaumaris built to suppress the rebellious Welsh princes.
6. Crac des Chevaliers in the Holy Land. The castle of castles. An astonishing feat of engineering built on the site of an Islamic castle. Only fell after a trick played on the defenders ly ordering them to surrender the castle.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2012
246 x 189mm

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