Beastie Boys: Grand Royal

Beastie Boys: Grand Royal by Beastie Boys
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215 x 276mm

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The Beastie Boys 'Grand Royal' magazine was a mixture of everything cool, hip and edgy, from the Mullet hairstyle to Kid Rock, Skateboarders, conversations with Russell Simmons, and travelling to the Shaolin Temple with the Wu-Tang Clan. No magazine before or since has catered to such a widespread subculture, and now all the best articles can be found in this book, plus new material not available anywhere.

In the late 1980s and early '90s, the Beastie Boys 'Grand Royal' captured America in the post-Reagan years. Uniting everything from music to extreme sports, it was an eclectic mix that catered to a new cultural voice. Ahead of its time, 'Grand Royal' predicted trends and helped jump-start the careers of major stars like Kid Rock. And though it stopped publication after six issues, 'Grand Royal' has continued to flourish via the Beastie Boys website.

Now comes this ultimate collection that combines the best of the magazine with new material from the band's website, as well as some never-before-published features. Here, too, are contributions from celebrities who reveal the impact 'Grand Royal' had on their lives.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2002
215 x 276mm

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