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    Here Comes The Bribe

    By: Mary Daheim

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    Rodney Schmuck and his wife, Millie, Hillside Manor's latest guests, seem normal-until Rodney insists that innkeeper Judith McMonigle Flynn is his long-lost mother. Shocked to meet an alleged son she's sure she never had, Judith can't believe Rodney when he swears he has proof from a Norway General Hospital birth certificate listing her as his mother.The father's name is Unknown.

    But Judith's got a bigger problem when one of the B&B guests turns up dead in the backyard.

    To her surprise, Joe is willing to help investigate.

    Meanwhile, Rodney is seeking compensation for Judith's so-called abandonment of him. What kind of scheme does he have on his devious mind?

    And why are the rest of the guests in his party acting so strangely.

    With Joe hot on the killer's trail, Cousin Renie helps Judith discover the truth about the Schmucks and their mysterious hangers-on. If they don't act fast, Hillside Manor could end up as Schmuck's Gold Mine.

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