Beginning Psychotherapists Companion: Second Edition

Beginning Psychotherapists Companion: Second Edition by Jan Willer

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Filling in the gaps from students lack of experience and confidence, The Beginning Psychotherapists Companion, Second Edition is a supportive and empathetic guide, addressing real-world concerns and providing essential insights not taught in textbooks. With a reassuring and clear writing style, Willer offers practical suggestions and clinical examples to address the professional development and emotional concerns of the beginning psychotherapist. She guides readers through structuring the first session, making clinical observations, and establishing a therapeutic alliance. Through the use of culturally diverse clinical vignettes, Willer discusses the foundations of ethical practice, including informed consent, confidentiality, documentation, and setting boundaries. The reader is guided on how and when to refer clients for medication and other health care. Crisis management principles are detailed, including suicide and violence risk assessment, child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence, and rape. Willer also provides professional advice on contemporary concerns such as social networking, online searches of clients, the psychotherapists internet presence, and other important emerging challenges. Comprehensive, practical, and thoroughly updated, The Beginning Psychotherapists Companion, Second Edition is the ideal resource for students and early career psychotherapists.
Publication Date:
09 / 08 / 2013

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