Belong To Me: A Novel

Belong To Me: A Novel by Marisa de los Santos
By: Marisa de los Santos
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Everyone has secrets. Some we keep to protect ourselves, others to protect those we love. While many are inconsequential, tiny things we simply don't want to share, some are monumental.

In Belong to Me, readers meet the charming and insightful Cornelia Brown. A devoted city dweller, Cornelia surprised no one more than herself when she was gripped by the sudden, inescapable desire to leave urban life behind and head for an idyllic suburb. Though she knows she and her beloved husband Teo have made the right move, she approaches her new life with trepidation and struggles to forge friendships in her new home.

Cornelia's mettle is quickly tested by judgemental neighbour Piper Truitt. Perfectly manicured, impeccably dressed, and possessing impossible standards, Piper is the embodiment of everything Cornelia feared she would find in suburbia.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2008

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