Berenstain Bears' Stories Holiday Collection - Cassette

Berenstain Bears' Stories Holiday Collection - Cassette by Stan & Jan Berenstain
By: Stan & Jan Berenstain
Date Released
180 x 110mm

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1 Cassette, Unabridged.
Read by Stan & Jan Berenstain.

Five very popular stories read by the authors with sound effects and original music.

'How The Berenstain Bears Saved Christmas'
It seems everyone in Bear country has gone Christmas-crazy, and Mama Bear is concerned the true holiday spirit has been lost. Santa worries also, and is ready to cancel Christmas! Now it's up to the Berenstain Bears to change his mind.

'The Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear'
How can Santa's sleigh land with no snow? How can he fit down all those skinny chimneys? Answers to these and other questions about the true meaning of Christmas are revealed in this story.

'The Berenstain Bears' Thanksgiving'
The Bear family happily prepares their holiday feast, but danger lurks. The legendary monster, Bigpaw, is coming to Bear Country and it's up to Brother and Sister to save the day.

'The Berenstain Bears And The Prize Pumpkin'
The Bear family may not win the blue ribbon in the pumpkin contest at the Thanksgiving Festival, but they do remember all that there is to be thankful for.

The Berenstain Bears' Comic Valentine'
The day of Brother Bear's championship hockey game has arrived. It's also the day he finds out the identity of his secret admirer. Who can she be? Brother is in for a big surprise!
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2003
180 x 110mm

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