Beyond The Boundaries by Doug Stace & Dexter Dunphy

By: Doug Stace & Dexter Dunphy

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Second Edition.

Following on the success of the first edition, this book discusses how to manage organisational change successfully. In so doing it provides a practical guide to change and a framework for action to enable the modern organisation to survive and prosper. The Australian authors are prominent in their field and have gained national and international recognition within the field of strategic management.

For organisations in the Internet-timed 21st century, change has become the steady state. The challenge is for constant re-invention. E-commerce, global business, changed generational values, empowerment, faster sense-and-respond expectations, unpredictable career paths, the removal of organisational hierarchies – these are just some of the elements that define this constant state of change. For business leaders the key issue is not just how to cope, but how to move beyond the traditional boundaries and embrace organisational change as a driving and energising force. This book challenges existing assumptions and core beliefs on change and the modern organisation

This second edition maintains the same models of change that were successfully analysed in the first edition and incorporates new case studies and an updated business context. There has been a substantial amount of reworking which the authors have gleaned from their consulting experiences in national and international organisations, and this has resulted in a defining reference on change management for Australasia and other advanced economies.

After more than a decade of rigorous and systematic research, Stace and Dunphy discuss how business leaders can chart and lead this change in order to compete successfully. Speed, flexibility and dexterity are the new elements of success in the knowledge revolution – a revolution that is as much social as it is economic.
Publication Date:
30 / 12 / 2000

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