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    Biblical Literacy: The Essential Bible Stories Everyone Needs to Know

    By: Timothy Beal

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    Every person needs to know the core Bible stories--those stories from the Old and New Testaments that have cultural‚ historical‚ or literary significance--that lie at the foundation of Western civilization. Whether watching political candidates quote from Jesus or tracking court cases on how the stories of Adam and Eve should be taught in the schools‚ we are surrounded by the legacy of the Bible in our contemporary world. Professor Tim Beal argues that without knowing these core stories‚ we cannot fully participate in the popular‚ political‚ and especially spiritual worlds that surround us.

    In BIBLICAL LITERACY‚ Beal showcases the Bible stories that have most shaped history and our world (introducing each story and including the actual text from the Bible) and provides the key information we need to know for how to understand these profound stories (including important historical and cultural background information readers need to know and a glossary of key terms). Whether one is an atheist or a church-goer ‚ readers will benefit from this entry-level course into the heart of the most influential book ever written.

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