Big Scrum by John J. Miller

By: John J. Miller

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John J. Miller delivers the intriguing, never-before-told story of how Theodore Roosevelt saved American Footballa game that would become the nations most popular sport. Millers sweeping, novelistic retelling captures the violent, nearly lawless days of late 19th century football and the public outcry that would have ended the great game but for a crucial Presidential intervention. Teddy Roosevelts championing of football led to the creation of the NCAA, the innovation of the forward pass, a vital collaboration between Walter Camp, Charles W. Eliot, John Heisman and others, and, ultimately, the creation of a new American pastime. Perfect for readers of Douglas Brinkleys Wilderness Warrior, Michael Lewiss The Blind Side, and Conn and Hal Igguldens The Dangerous Book for Boys, Millers The Big Scrum reclaims from the shadows of obscurity a remarkable story of one defining moment in our nations history.
Publication Date:
12 / 04 / 2011

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