Billionaire In Training by Bradley Sugars, Brad Sugars
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Eat millionaires for breakfast.

If there's one thing self-made millionaire Brad Sugars knows, it's that getting rich is a lot simpler than most people realize. In Billionaire in Training he puts you on the fast track to wealth creation through buying, building, and selling businesses-and doing it at a faster pace than you ever thought possible. Discover how to:

Climb the 5 Levels of Entrepreneurs

Buy promising businesses, increase their value, and sell them for top dollar

Transform your innovative ideas into a successful business empire

Set up businesses that run themselves and provide you with the capital to expand your investments

Get real results right now when you discover all that Instant Success has to offer!

Instant Advertising * Instant Cashflow * Instant Leads * Instant Profit * Instant Promotions * Instant Referrals * Instant Repeat Business * Instant Sales * Instant Systems * Instant Team Building * The Business Coach * The Real Estate Coach * Successful Franchising
Publication Date:
09 / 01 / 2006

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