Billy Connolly Gift Pack - Cassette

Billy Connolly Gift Pack - Cassette by Billy Connolly & Pamela Stephenson
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146 x 109mm

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6 Cassettes.

This delightful gift pack contains 'Billy', 'Two Night Stand' and 'World Tour Of Australia'. All three audios are packed in a slipcase and shrink-wrapped to create a great package.

Billy Connolly's effortlessly wicked whimsy has entranced, enthralled - and split the sides of - thousands upon thousands of adoring audiences. And when he isn't doing that . . . he's turning in award-winning performances on film and television. From his working class roots in Glasgow, he has worked his way to the top, and now enjoys huge worldwide acclaim and lives a dream lifestyle.

From welding to folk singing to comedy to writing to acting, Billy has proved his versatility and sheer determination. And if anyone knows that better than him, it's his wife, Pamela, who will give us an insider's view of this hugely talented musician, singer, TV presenter, comedian and actor. She combines the very personal with a frank objectivity that makes for a compellingly moving - yet hugely entertaining - biography. This is the real Billy Connolly.

'Two Night Stand'
Recorded during Billy Connelly's sell-out UK tour in 1997, these cassettes are guaranteed to have you in tears from laughter and speaking Scottish by the end of the tape.

'World Tour Of Australia'
A direct audio recording of the TV program and features recordings from his live shows around Australia, as well as his narration of his travels in this country.

Warning: Contains material some people may find offensive.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2003
146 x 109mm

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