Biostatistics by Mike Hernandez

By: Mike Hernandez

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Biostatistics, Second Edition, is a user-friendly guide on biostatistics, which focuses on the proper use and interpretation of statistical methods. This textbook does not require extensive background in mathematics, making it user-friendly for all students in the public health sciences field. Instead of highlighting derivations of formulas, the authors provide rationales for the formulas, allowing students to grasp a better understanding of the link between biology and statistics. The material on life tables and survival analysis allows students to better understand the recent literature in the health field, particularly in the study of chronic disease treatment. This updated edition contains over 40% new material with modern real-life examples, exercises, and references, including new chapters on Logistic Regression, Analysis of Survey Data, and Study Designs. The book is recommended for students in the health sciences, public health professionals, and practitioners.Over 40% new material with modern real-life examples, exercises and references New chapters on Logistic Regression; Analysis of Survey Data; and Study DesignsIntroduces strategies for analyzing complex sample survey dataWritten in a conversational style more accessible to students with real data
Publication Date:
14 / 12 / 2006

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