Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand by Christina Baker Kline
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The accident was just that - an accident. It was dark‚ it was raining‚ ALISON had two drinks in her‚ and the other car ran the stop sign. She just didn't get out of the way fast enough. But now a little boy - not her own - is dead‚ and Alison finds herself trapped under the twin burdens of grief and guilt‚ and feeling increasingly estranged from her husband . . .

CHARLIE‚ who has his own burdens. He's in a job he doesn't love so that Alison can stay home with the kids (and why isn't she more grateful for that?); he has a house in the suburbs and a long commute to and from the city each day. And the only thing can focus on these days is his secret‚ sudden affair with . . .

CLAIRE‚ Alison's best friend. Bold where Alison is reserved; vibrant where Alison is demure‚ Claire has just had her first novel published‚ a thinly-veiled retelling of her childhood in South Carolina (which is also Alison's‚ in a sense). But even in the whirlwind of publication‚ Claire can't stop wondering if she should leave her husband . . .

BEN‚ an architect who is thoughtful‚ kind‚ and patient. And who wants nothing more than a baby‚ or two - in fact‚ exactly the kind of life that Charlie and Alison have . . .

Four people‚ two marriages‚ one lifelong friendship: everything is about to change.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2009

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