Black and White   Matrix 3 by SGUERA/ FIORELLA

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A fashion book for stylists, designers, and art directors, with a symphony of black and white, unending geometries in a mosaic of images and icons. Not just surfaces made from graphic matrixes of physical reality enter our world, but symbols too, the letters of the alphabet, objects that create a sea of icons that submerge us every day and become themselves part of the visual landscape together with "natural" geometries. They too create colours, psychological dimensions in which we are immersed. By now the visual landscape in which we live is made up mainly of products made by man and their attachments of symbols which represent our thoughts, impressions of the mind in this continuous flux of textures. The Matrix project would not be complete without inserting these elements and now it is easy to find them as part of products for clothing, on accessories or wherever decorations should be more human and less symbolic. Look at the products for the teenager category, hungry for symbols. To enhance their effectiveness, black and white isolates the symbols from all the other values, leaving them in essential nudity. The colours of black are tinged with things, objects, people, animals, all scattered and overlapping to generate a modern style of textures. A brushstroke of freshness, no half-tones or hesitation. Lines, silhouettes or synthetic images develop single themes, entering by right into the world of decoration. SELLING POINTS: ? Includes free DVD with all 275 designs featured in the book 275 b/w
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2015

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