Black Hearts by Jim Frederick
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'Combines elements of In Cold Blood and Black Hawk Down with Apocalypse Now as it builds towards its terrible climax...Extraordinary' - New York Times . It's Iraq's 'Triangle of Death', 2005. A platoon of young soldiers from a U.S. regiment known as 'the Black Heart Brigade' begins a year-long deployment in a veritable meat grinder of counter-insurgency just south of Baghdad. Almost immediately, the attacks begin: every day another roadside bomb, another colleague blown to pieces. As the daily violence chips away, and chips away at their sanity, the thirty-five young men of 1st Platoon, Bravo Company descend into a tailspin of poor discipline, substance abuse, and brutality - with tragic results. With severe compassion, remarkably balanced judgement and the magnetic pace of a thriller, Black Hearts is a timeless true story about men in combat and the fragility of character in the savage crucible of warfare. ' Black Hearts is the obverse of Band of Brothers , a story not of combat unity but of disharmony and disarray' - Chicago Sun-Times . 'A riveting picture of life outside the wire in Iraq, where 'you tell a guy to go across a bridge, and within five minutes he's dead - Kirkus Reviews (starred).
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2010

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