Black Knights: On The Bloody Road To Baghdad

Black Knights: On The Bloody Road To Baghdad by Oliver Poole

By: Oliver Poole

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The riveting 'Band of Brothers' tale of a young British journalist embedded in a US tank corps known as the Black Knights as they spearheaded the push into Baghdad in spring 2003.

In a dramatic, suspenseful and moving action-packed narrative Oliver Poole describes how he became "embedded" in a US tank and infantry company known as the Black Knights - the first unit in the Third Infantry Division to engage in combat when, twelve hours after crossing the Kuwait border, it helped seize an airfield in the outskirts of Nasiriyah.

His company was at the head of a column that fought its way through Republican Guard units on the day the American army reached the outskirts of Baghdad, and finally led the advance from the west into the centre of Saddam Hussein's capital.

By the time the author first met the soldiers he was assigned to, they had been training for nine months in Kuwait to make them one of the most prepared desert-warfare units in the world. Their one overriding desire was to escape the sand and dust and go back to their families. They all knew the only way to do that was by going home via Baghdad.
Publication Date:
15 / 04 / 2007

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