Blackstone's Handbook of Ports & Border Security

Blackstone's Handbook of Ports & Border Security by Andrew Staniforth

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Blackstone's Handbook of Ports & Border Security is a practical, portable handbook for police officers and other professionals concerned with security and crime prevention at all UK ports and borders. Over the past decade, significant legislative and operational changes have been introduced to strengthen British borders against international organized crime and terrorism. Police officers, counter-terrorism officers, immigration and customs officials are now required to work together within new operating procedures and organizations. This book brings together all the relevant legislation, as well as powers, procedures and strategies for those professionals. Divided into two parts, Part 1offers clear and detailed explanations of strategy, operational guidance, case studies, and an outline of the functions of key agencies. Part 2 is devoted to the legislation itself, focusing primarily on the powers and procedures for police, immigration and customs officers, and the main offencesrelating to terrorist and extremist activity, organized crime, criminal assets, firearms, and aviation, rail and maritime security. Written by the Police National Legal Database, Part 2 features explanatory notes, related cases and points to prove.
Publication Date:
14 / 02 / 2013

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