Blaze: Body Contact

Blaze: Body Contact by York
By: York
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'Blaze' novels feature sexy, steamy, romantic erotica stories for women - a red-hot romance from Mills & Boon.

The most intimate contact of all . . . body contact . . .

Maddy Guthrie is used to working undercover - but posing as a rich man's plaything is pushing it! Especially when the "rich man", fellow agent Jack Connors, has one stipulation: make love first so they can get comfy in their roles.

The sex they share is incredible. But Maddy knows she's breaking ironclad rules as they work side by side. The only safe place to communicate is in the steamy shower - and that's far too arousing for Maddy. Then there are the silken bedsheets . . . where Jack loses all control when he touches her. As the mission escalates, there's a new kind of danger to deal with - the state of Maddy's heart. Rebecca York delivers a sizzling story with a twist!
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2002

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