Blind Not Broken by Lucy Edwards


Part memoir and part self-help guide, Blind Not Broken follows Lucy Edwards' sight loss journey to becoming a thriving career woman

At only 17, Lucy's world went to black. Due to a rare condition called incontinentia pigmenti, Lucy lost her eyesight in an instant and suddenly had to learn how to navigate her life all over again. While incredibly difficult and traumatic, this also marked the beginning of Lucy's extraordinary journey to finding self-acceptance and happiness.

Lucy's motto in life is that she is 'blind, not broken'. In her book, she shows how anyone can adopt this same motto by demonstrating how the challenges we face in life need not break us but can instead inspire us to lead full, rich lives.

Each chapter contains inspirational tips, practical motivation and coping mechanisms, which can be applied to people of every ability who are grieving a loss or experiencing a sudden change. This book offers a unique take on empowerment, happiness, strength, triumph over adversity and how we view beauty in the world.

Blind Not Broken is scheduled to be released in 28 days.

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