Board Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility

Board Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility by Unknown
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Boards of directors and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been the subject of much study and debate in corporate governance circles over the last two decades. With issues ranging from poor corporate reporting to excessive executive compensation often splashed across the headlines, the role of boards has come into the media limelight as never before. Boards of directors are also becoming increasingly aware of CSR issues and many companies have put in place governance, ethics or CSR committees that prepare and recommend corporate governance rules, policies and practices for management, and supervise their implementation. However, integrating CSR into the business strategy in a global market context and under financial market pressure is not an easy task.This volume is a rich collection of comprehensive studies presenting the most recent developments in the field of boards of directors and corporate social responsibility. It also provides the reader with new insights and perspectives on corporate governance practices in different countries.
Publication Date:
14 / 11 / 2012

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