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    Book of God and Physics

    By: Enrique Joven

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    It is written in an unknown language and illustrated with enigmatic drawings. First surfacing in the court of Rudolph II of Bohemia, the Voynich Manuscript has developed a global cult following of cryptographers, none of whom has been able to crack its code.
    But rumors abound:
    The Bohemian court also gave refuge to two of the greatest, and most controversial, scientific minds of all time. Is there a connection between Voynich and the brilliant scientists? Could the manuscript perhaps be codified findings, written in a special language to conceal scientific discoveries from the Church and its brutal Inquisition?
    When a key to unlocking Voynich is discovered in the church where a young Jesuit teaches, he suddenly finds himself at the center of a centuries-old mystery . . . and, now, a person of much interest for a group of powerful and important men who want to ensure that ancient secrets remain buried.

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