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    Bookmarked To Die

    By: Jo Dereske

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    Miss Zukas is back! The inimitable librarian/sleuth returns to flirt with Police Chief Wayne Gallant and to solve more crimes in Jo Dereske's best-selling cosy mystery series.

    Helma Zukas wakes up on her 42nd birthday in unexpected and unexplained Crisis. So Ms. moon, the library director, blackmails Helma into attending group counselling sessions. Life deteriorates. Helma's carefully engineered launch of the local authors' collection triggers a furor of jealousy and anxiety in Bellehaven. When a poet and a therapist die, Ms. Moon believes the resulting publicity will help the library's threatened budget and orders Helma not to "get involved". Her friend Ruth deserts her lover and appears in Bellehaven on the prowl; a sticky-sweet new librarian has the hots for Police Chief Wayne Gallant. Worst of all, Boy Cat Zukas disappears! Helma is buffeted by the forces until at a crucial moment she realises she has nothing left to lose: she has become a Dangerous Woman. Wham-O, the world rights itself and Helma takes back the day.

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