Boundaries and Allegiances: Problems of Justice and Responsibility in Liberal Thought

By: Samuel Scheffler

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This book, a collection of eleven essays by one of the most interesting moral philosophers currently writing, is written from a perspective that is at once sympathetic towards and critical of liberal political philosophy. The essays explore the capacity of liberal thought, and of the moral traditions on which it draws, to accommodate a variety of challenges posed by the changing circumstances of the modern world. The essays consider how, in an era of rapidglobalization, when peoples lives are structured by social arrangements and institutions of ever increasing size, complexity, and scope, we can best conceive of the responsibilities of individual agents and the normative significance of peoples diverse commitments and allegiances. The volume is linked bycommon themes including the responsibilities persons have in virtue of belonging to a community, the compatibility of such obligations with equality, the demands of distributive justice in general, and liberalisms relationship to liberty, community, and equality.
Publication Date:
19 / 09 / 2002

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