Brain and Memory: Modulation and Mediation of Neuroplasticity

Brain and Memory: Modulation and Mediation of Neuroplasticity by Unknown

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We are approaching the end of the first century of attempts to discover how the brain enables us to acquire, retain, and use information based on experience. The past several decades especially have witnessed an ever accelerating pace of research. This increase is due in large part to the development of new techniques for the analysis of brain and behavior. But, to a greater extent, these advances have been fueled by some seminal findings and the accumulation of knowledge based on systematic inquiry in many laboratories around the world. This important volume, authored by internationally renowned leaders in the field, is a progress report on this burgeoning work. What processes underlie the formation of new memories? What determines their strength? Where are the changes underlying memory located? In judging recent progress, this book looks at what we have learned about each of these questions. Furthermore, the contributors look at how these questions are rephrased and refined by new findings, hypotheses, and theories. Topics include: emotion and memory, aging and memory, plasticity of the cerebral cortex, and synaptic connectivity and memory. This book will be welcomed by neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, and cognitive scientists.
Publication Date:
21 / 02 / 1995

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