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    Bratz: Clued In: Crimes Against Fashion

    By: Mga Entertainment Inc.

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    There are strange goings-on down at the local mall. Every morning, retailers come in to open up only to discover their store displays ruined and the latest hot fashions sabotaged. Even the Bratz are affected, when one of them buys a way cool bag, only to have the strap fall off later in the day - someone's sneakily cut it almost all the way through! Rumours start to go round of a ghost, not helped by the fact that the security guards claim to have heard and seen strange things at night.

    The Bratz don't believe a word of it, especially since they've discovered a wisp of wool in the zip of the sabotaged bag that they identify as being from a particular type of designer suit - they've never heard of a ghost who wore Dulcey Cabana! But things are looking bad for the mall owner - and bad for the Bratz, because if he closes down, the next nearest mall is 30 miles away. It's time for some super-smart, super-stylin' sleuthing as the Bratz try to unmask the 'ghost' and save the mall.

    Book 5 in the Bratz Clued In mystery series - being a detective has never been so cool!

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