Breakaway John by Felice Arena
Date Released
127 x 197mm

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'For a brief moment they caught each other's eyes . . . Nicole gave an encouraging smile, urging John to get back in the race. Reacting immediately, John quickly strapped his feet back into his toe-clip pedals and took off after the other competitors. With Nicole's smile firmly imprinted on his mind, John felt that he could take on the world.'

John Banson is a Year Nine student at Kyabram High School. He has two passions in life - his girlfriend, Nicole, and bike riding - and it's hard to say which is the most important to him. But when city chick Stephanie starts at Ky High, John's relationship with Nicole is put to the test. Nicole is convinced that Stephanie is out to get her man; John reckons Nicole's just jealous and overreacting.

But no one's worrying about Stephanie when it is announced that the Year Nine camp will be held at Mount Buffalo. This was the very place where John and Nicole had cemented their relationship the previous year and experienced what they and their friends call "Mission Buffalo".

Unfortunately, though, things don't go as planned at the camp this year. When John and his friends sneak away from the camp to go on their own expedition, they return to find that armed bandits are holding the rest of the students and teachers hostage. Will John and the rest of the gang be able to alert the police before it is too late?
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2001
127 x 197mm

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