Breakthrough Food Product Innovation Through Emotions Research

Breakthrough Food Product Innovation Through Emotions Research by David Lundahl

By: David Lundahl

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More than 95% of all consumer product launched in the packaged goods sector fail to achieve their goals for success. Breakthrough Food Product Innovation Through Emotions Research gives a clear answer for innovation teams seeking to increase product success rates by breaking through the clutter in an otherwise undifferentiated, commoditized marketplace. Through case studies, it lays out a practical approach for applying emotions research throughout the food innovation and product development process. The basic premise is that emotions are the chief motivation for why consumers sense, select, seek and share their food product experiences. With this novel framework, the science of consumer behavior is made operational for innovation teams. Emotions insight inspires innovation teams to create and helps guide decision making as they design sensory cues and other behavior drivers into products that make consumers want to consume. This book has implications for the whole innovation team - innovators such as product developers, designers, creative chiefs, and marketers; strategists such as line managers; and researchers such as sensory and marketing researchers.Presents a behaviour-driven approach to innovation for the development of breakthrough food productsIllustrates a collaborative framework to inspire creativity and guide decision making through emotions insightsExplores a research framework that gets to the "whys" of consumer behavior by distilling the science of emotions into research insightsDefines design and development methods to build sensory cues into packaging and packaged foods that deliver emotional impactExplains research methods that get to the "so whats" of insights through emotions researchProvides case studies and examples proving the value of the behavior-driven approach to food product innovation
Publication Date:
19 / 10 / 2011

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