Breakthrough Improvement with QI Macros and Excel: Finding the Invisible Low-Hanging Fruit

By: Jay Arthur

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Maximize speed, quality, productivity, and profits with QI Macros for Excel

Breakthrough Improvement with QI Macros and Excel: Finding the Invisible Low-Hanging Fruit reveals proven techniques for identifying and analyzing data that will lead to immediate results. This practical guide focuses on using Excel, one of the most widely used software packages, to drive improvement--no need to rely on expensive training in a new methodology.

Free video training and a 90-day trial version of QI Macros for Excel can be found at Links to YouTube videos for each chapter of the book can be found at The combination of the book, software, and video training will provide you with the tools you need to eliminate the three silent killers of productivity: delay, defects, and deviation. You'll make and sustain breakthrough improvements that will catapult your business ahead of the competition.


Design well-organized spreadsheets for breakthrough improvement

Use Excel formulas to prepare data for charting or analysis

Reduce data to a manageable size using Excel's built-in functions

Master the Magnificent Seven Tools of Breakthrough Improvement--value-stream maps and spaghetti diagrams, PivotTables, control charts, Pareto charts, histograms, fishbone diagrams, and matrix diagrams

Follow the money to identify and plug leaks in your cash flow

Identify and eliminate defects, mistakes, and errors in your processes

Transform your data into visually stunning shortcuts to decisions, actions, productivity, and profits

Consolidate data into well-designed Excel charts to quickly communicate performance trends

Maximize QI Macros for Excel power tools to analyze and graph data

Find invisible low-hanging fruit using PivotTables

Sustain breakthrough improvement with control charts, histograms, and dashboards

Use statistical tools, including hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and regression analysis
Publication Date:
11 / 03 / 2014

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