Brilliant Manager 3e ePub eBook

Brilliant Manager 3e ePub eBook by Nic Peeling
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New to this third edition is an expanded leadership chapter - most leaders fail because they have no idea how to create a vision and strategy for their team or business plans for their offerings, and so this chapter following leadership will explore ';Vision, strategy and plans'. Everything you've ever wanted to know about management but were afraid to ask. The third edition of this book is a refreshingly honest and practical guide to the best managerial practice. Designed to give you a head start over those learning just from experience, this book contains an invaluable mixture of generally agreed best practice and real-life experience of others to provide the tools, tactics and techniques for every situation, to help you achieve brilliant management results. Most management books are theoretical, strategic or task-focused this is different: fundamental principles of successful management are told in a refreshingly short readable way.
Publication Date:
09 / 07 / 2012

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