Britain From The Air

Britain From The Air by Various
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271 x 299mm

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The landscape of the British Isles is one of the most diverse in the world. Within these tiny islands there is everything from wild mountains, coasts and moorlands to gentle farmland, forests and meandering rivers. Imprinted over this diversity is a rich history, visible as much in the buildings as in the shape of the landscape itself. From prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge to the vast modern motorways which sweep across the land, Britian is marked indelibly by the works of man. Jason Hawkes has spent the last year covering the country by helicopter, capturing on film a breathtaking portrayal of Britain from above. His photographs include oblique and unfamiliar approaches to famous landmarks and buildings, as well as strange and wonderful discoveries. There are stunning close-ups and striking angles, sweeping long views which capture the character of specific regions, combining to distil the essence of Britain as only arial photgraphy can. One is always aware, too, of the changing times and seasons, of the photographer's sense of humour and lightness of touch, and of his deep love of the countryside he portrays. All this is enhanced by informative captions by Jane Struthers, pinpointing and describing what each picture shows
Publication Date:
30 / 04 / 1993
271 x 299mm

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