British Tourism

British Tourism by Leonard J Lickorish

By: Leonard J Lickorish

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Tourism at any point in time is in many ways a mirror of economic and social change. The changes in British society in the decades from the 1950s to the 21st century are reflected in the forms of tourism that the British have been able to aspire to and afford. 'British Tourism: A Remarkable Story of Growth' identifies the most significant of these changes and places them in an historical context highlighting four distinctive eras. Now in paperback it includes four colour photos as well as two brand new chapters on tourism in Scotland and Wales.It looks in detail at the following key areas: * The roots of post war tourism growth * Developments in transport and regulation * Developments in accommodation and visit attractions * Marketing developments and trends - the role of entrepreneurs * Tourism trends into the 21st centuryOffering a comprehensive evaluation of post war developemnts in the British tourism industry, British Tourism: The remarkable story of growth, acts as a single reference resource suitable for a wide ranging readership from students on tourism courses and practitioners in the travel and tourism industries* Now in paperback with colour photos, and two brand new chapters on tourism in Scotland and Wales* Offers comprehensive evaluation of post war developments in the British tourism industry * Acts as a single reference resource for students and academic researchers
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28 / 03 / 2007

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