Bruce Lee Library: Artist Of Life

Bruce Lee Library: Artist Of Life by John Little
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164 x 233mm
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Bruce Lee has been recognised for over a quarter of a century primarily for his physical skills and the tactical principles he refined and taught in the art of unarmed combat. But as 'Bruce Lee: Artist Of Life' reveals, such a limited perspective is completely misleading.

Lee was a man who was equal parts poet, philosopher, scientist (of mind and body), actor, producer, director, author, choreographer, martial artist, husband, father, and friend - an intense man with such sheer concentration of benevolent energy that no one who encountered him, on screen or in person, could help but be willingly drawn to him and his enthusiasm for life and knowledge. Lee was a voracious and engaged reader, who annotated his reading material extensively and returned again and again to ideas that struck a chord, synthesizing the most acute thought of the East and the West into his own unique and useful personal philosophy of self-discovery.

In this volume of the 'Bruce Lee Library', John Little has collected Lee's writings on both marital art and the art of living and growing wisely and well. With an introduction by Linda Lee Cadwell, this book explores the development and fruition of Bruce Lee's thought about gung fu, philosophy, psychology, poetry, jeet kune do, acting, and self-knowledge, and is capped by a selection of letters written by Lee that eloquently demonstrate how he incorporated his thought into his actions and into his advice to his friends and correspondents.

Little has included multiple drafts of some of Lee's compositions, so that the reader can see how Lee's thought evolved and was refined over the years and how the ideas he was reading and writing about were reflected in the body of his work as an actor and martial artists and in his everyday life.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 1999
164 x 233mm

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