Building Influence in the Workplace

By: Aryanne Oade

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Do you lack influence at work? Do your values clash with those of your key workplace contacts? Do you find yourself getting into conflict with your peers and managers over key decisions and problems? Do you waste time and energy arguing over what matters most and what might go wrong? Perhaps you want to know how to build influence with your key workplace contacts. Perhaps you want to know how to work effectively with peers and managers who approach things differently from you. Or perhaps you simply want to know how to make the differences between you a point of active collaboration rather than a cause of tension and dissent. If so, this book is for you.Building Influence in the Workplace takes you through a highly practical, personal and insightful process. It will introduce you to a valuable set of tools which will enable you to build influence, promote your interests and get buy-in to your plans and proposals. The book will enable you to: - Identify your own workplace values and those of your key colleagues.- Recognise the influencing strategies you and your colleagues are likely to employ as a result of these values. - Learn how to position your influencing arguments for maximum impact.- Develop the confidence and know-how to gain greater influence with a range of your key colleagues and workplace contacts.- Understand how to retain the influence you have already gained and stand by your values under pressure.
Publication Date:
28 / 04 / 2010

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