Built to Meet Needs: Cultural Issues in Vernacular Architecture

Built to Meet Needs: Cultural Issues in Vernacular Architecture by Paul Oliver

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The study of vernacular architecture explores the characteristics of domestic buildings in particular regions or localities, and the many social and cultural factors that have contributed to their evolution. In this book, vernacular architecture specialist Paul Oliver brings together a wealth of information that spans over two decades, and the whole globe. Some previously unpublished papers, as well as those only available in hard to find conference proceedings, are brought together in one volume to form a fascinating reference for students and professional architects, as well as all those involved with planning housing schemes in their home countries and overseas.* Draws together a fascinating collection of elusive essays from a leading author on vernacular architecture* Includes research and case studies from all continents* Covers a wide range of issues relating to vernacular architecture including economies, technologies, inherited skills, social and family structures, physical needs, belief systems and symbolism
Publication Date:
17 / 10 / 2006

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