Buried on Avenue B

Buried on Avenue B by Peter de Jonge
By: Peter de Jonge

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Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as an utterly irresistible heroine, Darlene OHarathe brilliant, hard-living, obsessive, and somewhat self-destructive detective introduced in Peter de Jonges acclaimed crime fiction masterwork Shadows Still Remainreturns in Buried on Avenue B.An edgy and suspenseful noir thriller, Buried on Avenue B traverses the gritty landscape of New Yorks Lower East Side and the more sordid corners of Sarasota, Florida, as a gruesome and unexpected discovery in a makeshift Alphabet City grave heats up a 17-year-old cold case.James Patterson calls Darlene OHara one of the freshest, hippest detective creations in many a year, and the New York Times has described Peter de Jonges writing as in the noirish, character-driven vein of Dennis Lehane or Michael Connelly. For fans of serious crime fiction, Peter de Jonge is a must-read, and Detective Darlene OHara is cop to be reckoned with.
Publication Date:
24 / 07 / 2012

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