Business Environment: Themes and Issues

Business Environment: Themes and Issues by Unknown

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This successful text provides a unique and stimulating approach to the business environment. While the classic 'PESTLE' structure is outlined in Part One, Part Two is used to explore key issues such as globalization, sustainability, equal opportunities, and entrepreneurship. Written in a highly engaging and accessible style, the book introduces students to critical thinking via the 'stop and think' boxes. The coherent themes running throughout the book enable students to gain aholistic understanding of the business environment. Online Resource Centre (ORC)For Students: o Multiple choice questions o Flashcard glossaries o Web exercises o Oxford News Now (RSS feeds provide news articles, taken from a variety of sources, which are specially filtered to be relevant to the business environment)o Guide to further reading and learning resources o Web links o Learning objectivesFor registered adopters of the text:o Additional cases o Figures and tables from the text o Lecturer's guide o PowerPoint slides (updated and extended)o Answers to review questions
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20 / 01 / 2011

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