Business of Economics

Business of Economics by John Kay

By: John Kay

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John Kay has been described as the `most important business analyst in Britain bar none', and this book shows why. Here he combines common sense and rigorous economic thinking in a number of essays on business and economic issues---the competitiveness of UK plc, the stakeholder economy, business strategy, and corporate personality. Kay is well known for his incisive and entertaining columns in the Financial Times (some of which are included here), his regular audio and TV broadcasts, and is much in demand as a speaker and consultant. In The Business of Economics he shares his analysis, thoughts and insights on a range of urgent and important issues facing the country and individual firms. His clear and direct writing style will inform, challenge, and entertain; his rigorous and clever analysis of thecorporate world will offer insights into the business problems and decisions faced by executives and managers every day. The book confirms the judgement of the Economist - `that John Kay is well on the way to turning himself into a European Michael Porter.'
Publication Date:
10 / 10 / 1996

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