Business Plans that Work: A Guide for Small Business 2 E

Business Plans that Work: A Guide for Small Business 2/E by Jeffry Timmons, Andrew Zacharakis

By: Jeffry Timmons, Andrew Zacharakis

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Turn your great idea into BIG PROFITS with a powerful, persuasive business plan!

With any endeavor, good planning is the key to good results—especially in the launch of a new business or product. Business Plans That Work gives you an easy-to-follow template for conceptualizing, writing, focusing, and revising a business plan that converts your business idea into financial profit.

A virtual blueprint for entrepreneurial success, this new edition of the popular entrepreneur’s guide provides all the tools you need to communicate the value of your idea to investors and attract key talent, and create a plan you can turn to throughout the entire process of starting and running a business. You’ll learn how to:

Determine what to include in each plan, why, and for whom

Secure the capital you need to get the project off the ground

Assess opportunities and risks involved in your project

Avoid common pitfalls that cost money, time, and effort

With Business Plans That Work, you have everything you need to create winning strategies for development, sales, marketing, operations, distribution, and everything else successful ventures are founded on.
Publication Date:
14 / 04 / 2011

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