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    Buster And The Queen Bee


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    'This story is unusual with an ending of its own
    and could change the course of nature if it was widely known.
    Beehives are built for Queen Bees where the workers are all males
    but this story is about a king whose workers were all females.
    And did it cause some problems that had not been seen before!
    Especially when this King announced that he would go to war.
    It was lucky that sweet Beatrice (who was a worker in his hive),
    thought up a plan that stopped the King and kept them all alive.
    For when the laws of nature are somewhat rearranged
    it takes some one like Beatrice to make sure they're properly changed.'

    An enchanting fable by best selling author Di Morrissey for those who read and those who like to cuddle up and have a chapter read to them each night.

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