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If youre trying to build wealth, sharp market downturns are your worst enemy. And today, theyre happening far more often: in the last 18 years, the S&P 500 has experienced sixteen violent market declines. Institutions and professional investors have mastered powerful hedging strategies for dramatically reducing the risks of market volatility. Now, you can do it, too--and you cant afford not to. In Buy and Hedge , two leading investment experts show how to apply hedging as part of a long-term program for growing and preserving your assets. CNBC Fast Money guest Jay Pestrichelli and seasoned financial industry veteran Wayne Ferbert show how to systematically protect yourself against violent downward moves while giving your portfolio maximum room to run in upward markets. The authors techniques are easy to use, can be applied to most investment vehicles, and require surprisingly little "care and feeding" once implemented. Youll discover how to: Take advantage of the hedge-building mechanisms built into low-cost index funds Invest in your ideas with confidence, because youve hedged the downside Systematically manage portfolios for risk as well as return Master and apply the "5 Iron Rules of Buy & Hedge' Use options to manage risk, not to create excess leverage Generate more dividends Effectively manage cash
Publication Date:
29 / 09 / 2011

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