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    By: Lawrence Donegan

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    Lawrence Donegan was in California in pursuit of the new American Dream - hi-tech success and fortune. But after one miserable day in front of a computer screen, he asks himself if this is really it - a walk-on part in 'The Revenge Of The Nerds'?

    Searching for salvation, he winds up at Orchard Boulevard Pre-Owned Autos - home of the world's biggest used car lot. Seven thousand cars on offer every day, forty-five thousand satisfied customers every year, all on one street!

    'California Dreaming' is the story of Donegan's life as a used car salesman and his pursuit of the used car industry's Oscar - the Salesman of the Month Award. It is also the story of men and their dreams: Frankie the Rock, Tony the Tank, Mickey the Legend. Who are they? What drew them to the world's most maligned profession? Is there nothing they won't do to sell a car?

    Honest, insightful and funny, 'California Dreaming' tells you everything you need to know about modern America. It may change the way you feel about used car salesmen. Then again, it may not.

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