Card & James' Business Law for Business, Accounting, & Finance Students

Card & James' Business Law for Business, Accounting, & Finance Students by Lee Roach

By: Lee Roach

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With faultless accuracy, this text is the most detailed and analytical account of law for those new to the subject. It provides commanding analysis of the English legal system, contract law, the law of torts, company law, and employment law, as well as covering relevant aspects of the law of agency and environmental law. Online chapters provide further discussion relating to the economic torts, corporate governance, the sale of goods, consumer credit, and the law relating to unfairand illegal commercial practices. All of this is discussed using relevant examples from the business environment, and the key legal cases to help develop a greater understanding of the interconnections between the law and corporate setting. The new learning features which have been incorporated throughout make a difficult subject more accessible and support study; key case, example, and discussion boxes demonstrate the application of law and highlight core principles, whilst self-test questions allow students to assess their progress. Online Resource CentreThe accompanying Online Resource Centre provides a wealth of resources for students to further develop their understanding and test their knowledge, including additional practice questions with answers, a flashcard glossary of key legal terms and updates to the law via Twitter. This new edition also includes a testbank of MCQs for lecturer use.
Publication Date:
19 / 04 / 2012

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